What We Learn from Our Students When They Call for Change

The image above with the inscription from Deuteronomy, "Tsedek tsedek tirdof" (justice justice you will pursue) is being printed on t-shirts and sold to raise bail funds for arrested activists. The image was created by @maimonides_nutz and promoted on Twitter by the Jewish feminist website @hey_alma. By Laurel Leff. Professors often say that we learn… Continue reading What We Learn from Our Students When They Call for Change

Reporting, and Connecting, in a Pandemic

By Deanna Schwartz. I’m Deanna Schwartz, a journalism and Jewish studies student at Northeastern. In addition to being the campus editor for the Huntington News I write regularly for Alma, including my recent article about how Jewish college students have taken to virtual spaces to stay connected, and make new connections, during the COVID-19 pandemic.… Continue reading Reporting, and Connecting, in a Pandemic