Reporting, and Connecting, in a Pandemic

By Deanna Schwartz. I’m Deanna Schwartz, a journalism and Jewish studies student at Northeastern. In addition to being the campus editor for the Huntington News I write regularly for Alma, including my recent article about how Jewish college students have taken to virtual spaces to stay connected, and make new connections, during the COVID-19 pandemic.… Continue reading Reporting, and Connecting, in a Pandemic

Learning about and through the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

By Simon Rabinovitch. The most important research center for studying the history, culture, literature, politics, religion, and society of Eastern European Jewry is today located in New York City. The idea to found a Jewish historical and ethnographic archive and a Jewish research institute (and eventually a museum) devoted to the study of Eastern European… Continue reading Learning about and through the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research