Thinking about the Arava desert on Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, falls on January 28 this year.  Traditionally known as the New Year of the Trees, it is regarded as the point at which the trees in the Land of Israel sprout their buds, a harbinger of the spring agricultural season following the winter rains. Today,… Continue reading Thinking about the Arava desert on Tu B’Shvat

After Georgia, New Hope for a Black-Jewish Alliance?

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Professor Jonathan Kaufman reflects on the cooperation of Jews and Blacks in the Georgia Senate race, asking if it is a harbinger of renewed coalitions. by Jonathan Kaufman. As the country reels from the assault on the Capitol, Georgia’s election of two Democratic senators—one Black, one Jewish—is creating… Continue reading After Georgia, New Hope for a Black-Jewish Alliance?

The Future of Jewish Media

A student journalist and Ruderman Scholar in Jewish Studies on the changing landscape in Jewish journalism by Deanna Schwartz. In April, the world’s oldest Jewish newspaper, the UK’s Jewish Chronicle, shut down for good. They’re not the only Jewish media outlet to shutter recently — over the past 10 years, Jewish media has suffered greatly,… Continue reading The Future of Jewish Media