Reporting, and Connecting, in a Pandemic

By Deanna Schwartz.

I’m Deanna Schwartz, a journalism and Jewish studies student at Northeastern. In addition to being the campus editor for the Huntington News I write regularly for Alma, including my recent article about how Jewish college students have taken to virtual spaces to stay connected, and make new connections, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alma is a publication for young Jewish women that covers Jewish pop culture and news topics through a feminist lens. Alma is under 70 Faces Media, which also encompasses JTA, Kveller, My Jewish Learning, and the Nosher. They have their biggest reach on Instagram.

Multiple students have posted in the group expressing their gratitude for the community.

I wanted to write a piece focusing on Zoom University Hillel because I saw how impactful it was and how it was bringing students together. In such a stressful time, the group (and subgroups stemming from it) is providing students a sense of community. The article was really fun to write because everyone I interviewed was so excited and hopeful about making the best of a bad situation. After Alma published the article it was syndicated in the Times of Israel (below) and JTA, which is really cool!

Read the article here:

Forced to leave school, Jewish college students unite in Zoom University Hillel

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Simon Rabinovitch adds:

Deanna is being modest. She has done the heavy lifting on campus reporting since the beginning of the crisis and her work doing so was recently featured in Teen Vogue.

Sitting on her laptop was a pre-written article for the Huntington News,, the paper where she works as campus editor. Schwartz immediately started updating it with pertinent information.

Read the article here:

Student Journalists Are Still Reporting on Coronavirus After Schools Shut Down

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