Finding Resilience, Finding Justice: A Jewish Perspective

By Daniel P. Aldrich. Daniel Aldrich's understanding of resilience at the current moment is enriched by both his scholarly work and his deep knowledge of Jewish religious texts. In his day job, Prof. Aldrich directs Northeastern's Security and Resilience Studies Program, where he researches post-disaster recovery and countering violent extremism. Unbeknownst to some, however, Professor… Continue reading Finding Resilience, Finding Justice: A Jewish Perspective

What We Learn from Our Students When They Call for Change

The image above with the inscription from Deuteronomy, "Tsedek tsedek tirdof" (justice justice you will pursue) is being printed on t-shirts and sold to raise bail funds for arrested activists. The image was created by @maimonides_nutz and promoted on Twitter by the Jewish feminist website @hey_alma. By Laurel Leff. Professors often say that we learn… Continue reading What We Learn from Our Students When They Call for Change

In Jewish Philanthropy, a Case Study of How a Crisis Can Expand Communal Giving

The following article, contributed by Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, and Dr. Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim, highlights the expansion of Jewish communal philanthropy during the current crisis. The Ruderman Family Foundation is a loyal and much appreciated supporter of the Northeastern Jewish Studies Program, sponsoring the Ruderman Chair (held by Professor Lori… Continue reading In Jewish Philanthropy, a Case Study of How a Crisis Can Expand Communal Giving

Hallelujah and More

By Phil Brown. My son Michael Littenberg-Brown is Vice-President of United Hatzalah of Israel (no connection to NY Hatzalah), which does EMT work, especially with minutes-long response time on 1,000 ambucycles (with 6,000 Jewish, Muslim, and Christian volunteers), custom-outfitted motorcycles with lifesaving capabilities.  They've added lots of COVID-related work -- among other things, their volunteers… Continue reading Hallelujah and More

Bringing to Life the Children’s Tree of Terezin

An undergraduate student uses the Gideon Klein Award to create an educational animated project By Yael Sheinfeld, 2019-2020 Gideon Klein Scholar. For my Gideon Klein presentation, I am creating an animated short centered around the children’s book The Children’s Tree of Terezin [for more about the Gideon Klein Award, see below this article]. The book,… Continue reading Bringing to Life the Children’s Tree of Terezin

Enrich your Screen Time!

Academic Video Online Database has Jewish Studies Documentaries By Debra Mandel. While working from home, our screen time has increased enormously. We are balancing zoom sessions, binge watching series, and tuning in to difficult daily news.  To add to this mix, the Northeastern Library has wonderful streaming videos and music to choose from.  Here is… Continue reading Enrich your Screen Time!

Digital History of the Jews of Boston

By Simon Rabinovitch. This past fall I taught for the first time Northeastern's introductory course to Jewish religion, history, and culture (JWSS/PHIL 1285) and took the students to a couple of spots in Boston relevant to Jewish history in the city. We strolled down the street from where our class met, to the Columbus Avenue… Continue reading Digital History of the Jews of Boston

In Search of Sephardic Music

By Joel Bresler. My love of Sephardic music began in my college years. I loved Renaissance music, especially Spanish Renaissance music. A group named Hespèrion XX brought out a double LP of Christian and Sephardic music. (See here for a discussion of performing Sephardic music as Early Music, but that’s a whole separate discussion. I’m grateful for… Continue reading In Search of Sephardic Music