Celebrating Sukkot in a pandemic

by Deborah Levisohn Stanhill. This week, Jews around the world celebrate the holiday of Sukkot. After the introspection of the High Holidays, we open ourselves once again to the world around us in joyous celebration of the fall harvest season. One of the commandments (mitzvah) of the holiday is to build, and metaphorically live in,… Continue reading Celebrating Sukkot in a pandemic

An Outside View Inside Israeli Druze Society

A Northeastern Professor Reflects on his Time Living in a Druze Town by William F.S. Miles. As recent protests in Jerusalem attest, no ethno-religious group has been as much disturbed by Israel’s new nationality law as the Druze. For sure, parliamentary ratification of a collective destiny for Israel’s Jewish citizens alone, and the concomitant elimination… Continue reading An Outside View Inside Israeli Druze Society

An Introduction to Yiddish and Klezmer Music through the Northeastern University Library

Painting (above) by Isaak Asknaziy, 1893. By Debra H. Mandel. The library has various media resources on Yiddish and Klezmer music, which thrived in Eastern Europe and America amongst Ashkenazi Jews during the 19th century through the mid-20th century. The genre was further shaped by American jazz. Klezmer musicians performed at life-cycle functions and took… Continue reading An Introduction to Yiddish and Klezmer Music through the Northeastern University Library

Finding Resilience, Finding Justice: A Jewish Perspective

By Daniel P. Aldrich. Daniel Aldrich's understanding of resilience at the current moment is enriched by both his scholarly work and his deep knowledge of Jewish religious texts. In his day job, Prof. Aldrich directs Northeastern's Security and Resilience Studies Program, where he researches post-disaster recovery and countering violent extremism. Unbeknownst to some, however, Professor… Continue reading Finding Resilience, Finding Justice: A Jewish Perspective